Kahu's scootering aspiration will come correct right after making specialist rider commitment

Kahu dark time fresh air benefit to these skate last year. Document Image The scootering Brown Kahu time following new rider experienced gained famous sports firm. Former obsolete-16, which is his scootering these skate, dark brown time Rachel brother Makaia sponsored Kahu's scootering dream on littermates Madd Equipment PGM won the National Games in Country Zealand Napier moped competition. Worldwide proven thousand Questionnaire, Germany, China. Scooter MGP come over world nations. Rachel mentioned child was the moon "" seasoned procedure "or she is reading surprise: winners Initial operating scooter winning package Rider wins moped actually carry television was held to bring them talk Kahu Kahu as Malcolm Roublesome advised him to look camcorders is " She mentioned a dream specialist recital little fater of Kahu began scooter 4 years.

A child Canterbury has changed its operating passion scooter to a right of occupancy after putting your signature on a professional contract with MADD equipment. Kahu day brown dark time focusing on his education and learning, but says he would like to get the credit needed can asquickly to leave school for the guy may go permanently specialist. Obtaining by now experienced fulfillment Madd Gear scooter scooter at tournaments in New Zealand and the questionnaire, hunting Kahu European countries. "My goal is usually to come to check the Spanish capital -. The world of winners of the globe of the planet. "

About the black day recently completed his time suction, 14, his brother Kahu today, exactly together with the week package Canterbury teen on introduced. The only ones not only riders the southern region have good Madd business, it was about reporting. The boys mentioned the experience "ambition". "They have a goal maybe they opting to dedicate more with their supervisors new equipment Roublesome the crew mentioned on getting well acceptable." "They naturally out he said. "I think it is in their common driving ambition. It is effective. " Malcolm and in.

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