Marketed: OMP Race buys Bell Race Helmets

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With brain defense, our motorcycle sports vehicle Sporting Headphone Customer Guide can also provide some protection to the budget. We cover ourselves here ranging from $ 259 to half a dozen 000,000, with capacities of simple connectors and visor to intercom and ingenious means of Elimination of the urgent situation. Are all approved to the Snell SA2010 criteria. Promoted: OMP Racing Have fun, be sure. 1. Stay 21 ivos-double duty This complete carbon motorcycle helmet comes with an overview inside the area and comes with a face shield obvious plus a vertex, so enough some of the available people - with closed cockpit cars. The face shield is. 14 inches 3 mm solid and analyzed for fire and impact. The liner may be a sustainable expanded polypropylene. It is really available in some types: The SNELL SA2010 specification on the handset version includes the HENDES M6 anchor bolts submit them and weighs about 3 pounds. The FIA ​​8860-2010Version even offers individuals M6 anchor OMP open face helmets at openfacehelmets bolts and weighs about 3 pounds. The top mentoring is definitely recommended later on both design. Stay 21 even offers this qualified coverage jumping merchandise that is part of a Balaclava Nomex and allows a helmet being thoroughly raised, without compromising even more damage to a person who has experienced this brief. Best $ 110 that you used on the competition. The SA2010 design starts $ only two, 099. The FIA ​​8860 specification on the equivalent handset ranges from $ 3,090. Stand21na. net Only two. Omp Rate 12 A large opening plus a sun visor, as well as a complete Racing Helmet Buyer's protection of the meeting, suggests that this motorcycle helmet offers the best of all possible worlds. You will discover a tooth to get an ingestion television. With individual ports on the chin, there are 2 ports at the top and two in the.

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